Ondersteuning voor
mensen met een beperking


Support for people with a mental handicap

De Waerden offers people with a mental handicap assistance with safe and independent living in their current residence or in a De Waerden residence. We support them with creating structure in their lives. We also provide support when it comes to work and finding a useful way to spend the day. Together with the support group surrounding our clients we provide a familiar, safe basis which allows for them to thrive in the area in which they live. Besides this personal attention, De Waerden also offers support for the people in their personal surroundings, such as family, volunteers and volunteer caregivers.

Together with the client and his or her relatives, De Waerden determines the type of support that is needed, which can be different for everyone. A combination of the following options is possible:

  • Home visits at planned times, by a regular attendant
  • Support by attendants through ‘Beeldzorg-contact’ (A protected platform which allows for clients to contact De Waerden employees through videochat.)
  • Contact by telephone with the attendants at De Waerden
  • Walk-in options for conversations with De Waerden employees
  • Having (healthy) meals together at a nearby location
  • Courses concerning healthy cooking, hygiene and social skills
  • Contact with volunteers and buddies who are supported by De Waerden
  • Instruction videos and digital action plans that a client can access independently of others

All the activities that we offer are selected to match already existing possibilities in the area as much as possible.


More information?

Please contact our Servicedesk: 072-5765656 or send an email to info@dewaerden.nl